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High Pressure FluoroFlow PTFE Expansion Bellows

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High pressure & Temperature Ratings

CRP’s expansion joints offer the highest pressure and temperature ratings with the highest safety factors

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Distributed in the U.S. by Tenn-Plast Inc - Tennessee. Call 901.375.0080

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About CRP

Established in 1983, CRP Ltd specialise in the manufacture and supply of PTFE lined process piping and ancillaries for the chemical, pharmaceutical and associated processing industries.

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We offer bellows joints from 1” NB to 36”NB with 2 convolution up to 10 convolutions. Bellows are produced in both virgin and static dissipating (Anti static) Fluroflon® PTFE materials.

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Worldwide Distribution

We take pride in being able to offer our customers a first class service no matter where in the world you are based. Our products are available worldwide through our extensive distribution network.

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Why you should choose our PTFE Bellows

High Safety Factors

CRP’s expansion joints offer the highest pressure and temperature ratings with the highest safety factors.

Independant Long Term TUV Testing

Long term high temperature pressure increase tests conducted by the independent TÜV organization confirm bellows still maintain x 2 safety factor after 10 years operation.

High Pressure Ratings

With pressure ratings up to 16 bar g, FluroFlow bellows offer much higher pressure ratings than comparable products yet still with significant safety factors.

Over 40 Years Experience

The FluroFlow range of bellows has been engineered over 40 years with thousands in service compensating for thermal expansion in pipeline and protecting fragile equipment and isolation of vibration hazards

Unique Manufactoring Process

The PTFE bellows convolution process is performed at very high temperatures and controlled so that the no thinning takes place of the liners as the convolutions are formed. Providing an inherent stress free uniform wall thickness for extended product lifetime performance

Product Testing & Traceability

All PTFE bellows tube are manufactured in house from polymers supplied by global suppliers. Elongation and specific gravity tests along with dimensional tests are conducted on the PTFE tubes. Hydrostatic and in process visual checks ensure the highest product quality, nameplates fully identify the bellows giving traceability back to all our test data and the polymer manufacturers certificates.